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 IKEYMobile Software provides you with a complete, end-to-end solution for your data collection needs. We can integrate to many point of sale systems. We also have standalone solutions for Inventory Control, Sales Purchasing, Line Busting and Route Sales
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Support Questions:
Q: Why can't I send my collected data?
Q: How do i edit an ini file?
Q: Where did my data go?

Q: How do I set the device for wireless?

Q: Do you have help documentation?
A: Is the IKEYMobile server running?
A: Just double click the ini file it should open in notepad
A: If you are using a ini file check the path set there, if your ini file is not the
  same as the itb file name then it will send it to the default location
A: The IKEYMobile server looks for both wireless and active sync so check
   you device manual.
A: Yes using the IKEY System Console or browse to the C:\IKEY\Docs folder
Sales Questions:
Q: How much is Support?
Q: How much for custom programming?
Q: What is the server?

Q: What are the supported types of hardware?
Q: Can I run the server in a multi stores?
Q: How do you sell your product?
Q: Who Seller your product?
A: Free it is that simple
A: $135.00 an hour
A: Our Omni Server is the part of the program that communicates between
      the PC and mobile devices
A: There are to many to list here, please click here for a pdf

A: Yes with a VPN
A: We sell per unit aka: Device License
A: We and a host of reseller (go to links pages for list)
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