IKEY Mobile Software.
IKEYMobile Software
What we offer
We Offer a full line of Data Collection Modules from
Inventory Control, Asset Management, Sales,
Route Sales, Line Busting and Purchasing &
Extend your current point of sale system to               
IKEYMobile Software provides you with a complete, end-to-end solution
for your data collection needs. We can integrate to many point of sale
systems. We also have stand alone solutions for
   Inventory Control
   Line Busting
   Route Sales
We have Integrations with Keystroke POS, Retail Edge, insight RS, Excel,
MS Access, Open Office, PCPoll and QuickBooks
We offer Solution Packs
Ready to go Applications
Custom Programming
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Professional Receipts
Improve Customer Service
Faster Sales Time
Prints Labels
Reads Barcodes & RFID
Serials Number recording
No styles needed
Many types of Integrations
Android is coming to IKEY